Frank Knapton MBE

Reconnective Healing – UK
Just a few words of praise for this Dimension Healing Site. I found the procedure to be very relaxing, a sense of warmth and comfort surrounded you as the healing process began.


Reconnective Healing – Australia
Since my session with Dimension Healing I have felt a lot more calmer and positive in attitude. This has reflected in my approach and how I feel towards my career / everyday life.

Rev. M.E.May R.M.C. J.P.

Reconnective Healing – Australia
For the past 40 years, my self-study into metaphysics, paranormal abnormalities and many modalities of psychic/spiritual healings, I gradually built within my own sense of well-being an automatic natural way of processing any harmful toxin which penetrated my AURIC field. Dimension Healing gained my trust after a meet for a consultation of clairvoyance. My only health issue, was degenerative changes in the patello-femoral joint.

After receiving a brilliant 20-30 min distant healing, where I experienced a powerful vibration and pulsing frequency of “light” flashes, a strong awareness imbued my mental auric layer where I heard a “snap” of sorts as the energy then withdrew. I have been pain-free since then. My high congratulations to Dimension Healing for their conscientious method of healing.


Reconnective Healing – Australia
My healing enabled me to address an array of health issues worrying me, that I had neglected for some time. After my healing, I was exhausted and promptly passed out. I’m a night owl and usually have a lot of trouble getting to sleep before 3am. On the night of my healing I was out by 10pm!

I know this is going to sound crazy but by the next morning I felt so much better. I’m also finding it easier to resist smoking cravings. In the week after my healing I’m sleeping better than I have in ages, have been pronounced healthy by the local doctor and had numerous interviews for new jobs. I doubt any of this would’ve happened without my healing session.


Reconnective Healing – Australia
My healing was done remotely. Everyone’s healing is different and it’s all about the universe giving you exactly what you need. Since my healing, I’ve been able to take better care of my health and the results speak for themselves. I’ve restrained from eating bad foods, drinking and most importantly managed to break through the mental wall that stopped me from running longer than a couple of minutes.

This wall had been defeating me for years and the day after my healing that wall had disappeared. My healing has been awesome. It never occurred to either of us that all we needed was to give the universe a nudge and that is exactly what Dimension Healing have done for us. It’s impossible to deny the positive effect our healings have had on us.


Reconnective Healing – Australia
Dear Beautiful ones – My gratitude to you both on your “Revolutionary Absent Healing”, you transmitted to myself. Your healing energies, extraordinary and powerful, as I could feel my being, “specially my lungs” being worked on, as you meditated your absent healing to me.

The morning after the healing, I felt my energy levels stronger and a positive change in my breathing. Words cannot express the power and healing qualities you entail, but I am able to feel and express the after affects of your healing. “Overall Powerful”.

I am humbled and honoured to have crossed your path. “Thank You”, for your time, your love, your healing. Many blessings unto you, as you journey your path.