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Who Are Dimension Healing

Dimension Healing is a business partnership specialising in the metaphysics of alternative western medicine. Professionally affiliated with the Natural Health Industry, we offer an alternative to clients wishing to explore other forms of health treatment to stimulate and promote wellbeing.


Principal Practitioner

It was not till my late 20’s, early 30’s that I started feeling a stronger spiritual connection to helping humanity. Firstly, I felt something was missing in my life, an emptiness resonating deep within me. I knew there must be a greater purpose for me in this world than being a daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend. I DANCE like nobody’s watching, I LOVE like I’ve never be hurt, I SING (bad voice who cares) like nobody’s listening, and I LIVE like it’s Heaven on Earth!

I realised modern cultural life has so much stress, devastation, and a real disconnection from our individual Self, not to mention decreasing levels of compassion and empathy amongst people. (A simple smile or a helping hand would do wonders these days).

We needed to bring back the balance, the compassion, the LOVE not just within ourselves but to all that exist in the universe. My question was simple, “How do I help do that?” – I’m not a qualified doctor, nurse, or have a degree in psychology. So I put my question out to the universe and sat back waiting for a sign!

Upon completing private college, I worked in travel and then nutrition learning and understanding skin and body care as a whole. After 12 years and not sure which door would open next, I was magically led to my next adventure in the public sector of education. It was during this time that I meet my soul mate and my husband, bringing me love, light, and understanding into my everyday life.

Express your inner child and allow it to run free.

He has taught me so many things I never knew about myself, about life, true self-love and love of others. He has shown me a life without stresses and worries by calming the mind through meditation and the beauty of being outdoors surrounded by nature and natural sunlight.

After much research and reading, I came across a book talking about energy healing work by Dr Eric Pearl called The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, and how we can help transform the world around us. As I continued to read page after page, I could feel this universal energy in my hands tingle and my own auric vibrations rising. It was then that I knew this was something special and one person at a time, this was my way to help humanity bring back balance to the body, mind, and spirit!

Philip – B.Sc.(Hons) CITP CBAP

Principal Practitioner

Graduating in 1999 with Honors in Computer Information Systems Design, it was during this time that Philip encountered the greatest teacher of his generation – someone whom Philip expresses deep gratitude for his teachings, training and experiences. Today’s toughest challenge is knowing what or whom to believe.

Theofanis Andrews had been practicing and teaching for more than thirty years and was privileged to be taught personally by the greatest Japanese teacher, and the last personal student of the founder of Aikido.

An immensely knowledgeable, charismatic, and powerful figure, Theofanis allowed Philip to attend classes, and in return, he performed numerous club duties.

Overtime, Philip grew closer to Theofanis, and, on days alone, the two of them would train and engage deeply in meditation. As Philip progressed, he became Theofanis’ preferred Uke and travelled abroad with him promoting Aikido. Although Philip no longer actively engages in the physical aspect of Aikido, the years spent with his teacher had a profound and uplifting effect on him and have shaped his conscience and virtue to this present day.

Study your thoughts – knowing their origin sets you free.

In 2009, Philip met his future wife (Mary-Jane), whom introduced and organised Philip’s Level I/II & Level III of the Reconnective Healing Genre.